Terms and conditions of use

Voltanode Sàrl

Rue de la Cité 1

1204 Geneva

1. The GTS

The general terms and conditions of sale (hereinafter referred to as CGV) define the arrangements and services between Voltanode Sàrl and its customers.

2. Offer

2.1. The offers of the online store Advixo are provided without obligation and therefore do not constitute firm offers. Are decisive for the order its confirmation by e-mail and the delivery of the goods. Offers are provided subject to availability of items/products from our suppliers or manufacturers.

2.2. All product information, product photos, technical specifications, links to accessories, etc. are provided without warranty on the Advixo website. The valid specifications of the manufacturer at the time of delivery are decisive.

3. Price

3.1. All Advixo prices include the value added tax (VAT) and the advance recycling tax (art). Prices are shown net in Swiss francs.

3.2. Additional costs (e.g. shipping, delivery, installation costs) are indicated separately and charged extra.

3.3. The date of the order is decisive for the fixing of the price. Changes in prices during the execution of the order are not taken into account. 

3.4. Information is provided subject to technical changes, errors and typographical errors.

3.5. Voltanode Sàrl can change its prices at any time without prior notice.

4. Payment methods

4.1. Voltanode Sàrl accepts advance payments, PayPal payments, bank transfers and postal transfers as means of payment. Credit cards : Visa, Eurocard, American express. Debit cards : EC-direct, Postcard.

4.2. The current fees are detailed in the payment process.

4.3. In case of advance payment, the invoice must be paid within 5 days, otherwise Voltanode Sàrl can cancel the order.

5. Terms of payment and retention of title

5.1. If a customer is late with some or all of the purchase amount, Voltanode Sàrl may suspend the remaining deliveries, in whole or in part, without notice until the entire claim has been settled.

5.2. If a customer does not settle his claim after the extension of the payment period, Voltanode Sàrl may demand compensation and proceed in accordance with the provisions of the Swiss Code of obligations (CO). In particular, Voltanode Sàrl has the right to delegate the collection of debts to an external company.

5.3. Voltanode Sàrl may collect supplements on certain means of payment and modify them without notice.

5.4. The products supplied by Voltanode Sàrl remain the property of Voltanode Sàrl until the full amount of the purchase (including all supplements) has been paid to Voltanode Sàrl.  The customer undertakes to take good care of the products as long as they are the property of Voltanode Sàrl.

6. Deliveries and partial deliveries

6.1. The delivery times indicated by Voltanode Sàrl are provided as a guide. These are not firm dates. If a delivery period cannot be met, the customer can cancel his order after the expiration of an additional period of at least 30 days which he will specify in writing to us. Voltanode Sàrl reimburses the customer for the amounts already paid. In this case, the customer is not entitled to additional compensation.

6.2. Voltanode Sàrl may cancel confirmed orders, due to external circumstances beyond its control, without financial consequences.

7. Transport risk, transport damage and transport guarantee

7.1. The goods are shipped at the customer's risk. The goods, however, have a limited transportation insurance coverage.

7.2. The customer undertakes to check immediately that the goods delivered are correct, complete and in good condition. Damage to the goods delivered must be reported to the transport company as soon as possible, at the latest within 3 days of delivery.

7.3. In case of complaints, all parts of the original packaging must be kept until the written approval of the transport company or Voltanode Sàrl.

8. Takeover and Exchange

8.1. As a general rule, goods may not be taken back.

8.2. The return of delivered goods is possible in certain exceptional cases, which always require the written agreement of Voltanode Sàrl  In this case, the client receives from Voltanode Sàrl an agreement and a return number.

8.3. The goods must be returned in the original packaging, complete with all accessories and attaching the purchase receipt. The return of goods is at the expense and risk of the customer.

9. Guarantee provisions

9.1. The warranty provisions (in particular the warranty period) of the manufacturer are decisive for the items purchased from Voltanode Sàrl.

9.2. The warranty period of the products is 2 years, some products have warranty up to 5 years.

9.3. The invoice is used as a guarantee voucher and should be kept carefully.

9.4. The warranty covers all manufacturing defects (parts and labour), transportation and support costs are not covered by the warranty.

9.5. An extension of warranty is possible on certain products.

10. Legal jurisdiction, applicable law

10.1. In case of dispute the jurisdiction is in Geneva.



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