Solarbotics SW Servo Wheel with Encoder Stripes, Silicone Tire

Solarbotics SW Servo Wheel with Encoder Stripes, Silicone Tire


This 2-5/8″ plastic servo wheel fits on standard Futaba servos and has a diameter of 2-5/8″. Each wheel has a silicone tire and 64-stripe encoder pattern molded in.

These wheels are sold individually, NOT in pairs.

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The Solarbotics SW wheel is compatible with standard Futaba servo hubs such as those on the SpringRC SM-S4303R and Power HD AR-3606HB continuous rotation servos. The plastic wheel is molded from ABS and has a molded-on thermoplastic silicone tire with great traction and wear characteristics. There is a 64-strip encoder pattern on one side of the wheel compatible with the Wheel Watcher.

The plastic wheels measure just under 2-5/8″ (69 mm) across by 0.3″ (7.62 mm) wide and are available in blue, yellow, red, and black.


  • Diameter: just under 2-5/8″ (69 mm)
  • Tire width: 0.3″ (7.62 mm)
  • Tire: molded-on thermoplastic silicone
  • Encoder stripes: 64-strip pattern molded in on one side (compatible with the Wheel Watcher)

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