Weeebot Jeep STEM (Classroom version)

Weeebot Jeep STEM (Classroom version)


WeeeBot Jeep is a Maker Education product upgraded on the basis of WeeeBot 3 in 1 STEM Robot Kit.

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It is characterized by the WeeeBot, but the addition of wheels and structural parts to make it has more stronger expand-ability and fun to play with.

The product is specially equipped with plastic receipt box what is suitable for large class and project-based teaching use, and with a set of 16-chapter Teacher’s Manual exclusive for teachers’ reference during teaching.

The kit includes 30 types, 80 parts, and can be constructed in 9 steps. Specially designed for line-following competition, the kit provides with a speed 2 times faster than that of similar products.

It has a powerful main-board and motor with a variety of sensors. The ELF main-board can drive 10 DC motors, 4 DC coding motors and 4 DC motors at most and 10 sensors or modules are connected externally.

To make programming is as simple as playing Lego blocks, and learning programming with no threshold anymore. WeeeCode (on the basis of Scratch) programming software would guide you to master the language of communication with the robot.

The kit includes 16-chapter courses, 90 mins per a lesson, can match the requirements of most makers. Use a classic project-based learning method, combine theory and practice, thus not only teachers can teach without worry, but also students can learn well.


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