Weeebot Home Inventor Kit
  • Weeebot Home Inventor Kit
  • Weeebot Home Inventor Kit
  • Weeebot Home Inventor Kit
  • Weeebot Home Inventor Kit
Weeebot Home Inventor Kit

Weeebot Home Inventor Kit

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Home Inventor Kit mingled with the characteristics of AI era, simulating at least 7 intelligent domestic scenes in the STEAM education scene, to allow children do innovative design and assembly by using mechanical structures, electronic sensors and programming software.

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Weeemake believes that even though children use the same materials, it also can inspire every child has different thinking inspirations and wonderful works. So the children not only can learn knowledge and skills, but also can exercise their observe abilities, simulate assembly skills for life scenes and analyze thinking, logic judging abilities for solve problems, thus gaining the confidence in the future. There are complete courses in the kit, which with 16 lessons, to guide and help students more quickly master the knowledge they need.

There are 7+ scene cases, mechanical structures assembly, electronic module selection, task-based programming, perfectly complement each other.

  • Corridor Lamp
  • Smart Fan
  • Rainbow Color Lamp
  • Magical Musician
  • Obedient Gate
  • Weather Station
  • Parking Lot System

The kit includes 10 electronic modules, 12 inputs and outputs.

To make programming is as simple as playing Lego blocks, and learning programming with no threshold anymore. WeeeCode (on the basis of Scratch) programming software would guide you master the language of communication with the robot.

There are 16 lessons, 45 minutes per a lesson, mastering a case might spent 2-3 lessons what combine the knowledge in science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics, step by step, to make your knowledge and skills progress at the same time.