Weeebot 12-in-1 RobotStorm STEAM Robot Kit

Weeebot 12-in-1 RobotStorm STEAM Robot Kit


The 12-in-1 Robotstorm STEAM Robot Kit is a versatile DIY ultimate STEAM robot kit. It has more than 450 parts and contains 12+ cool pre-set forms.

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Whether you are a mechanical or an electronics engineer, a software engineer, a teacher a student, or a maker, this kit allows you to easily learn robotrelated institutions, electronics and programming related knowledge, and even let you team up for robot competition.

90+ types of parts, 450+ components, 3 different programming platforms, 12 assembly cases, are waiting for your creation for more personalized robot’s forms and play.

Assembly Guide Easy to Learn - Combination of building instructions paper and 3D structure instructions, takes you to complete the robot’s assembly and programming process step by step.

Online-Cases - Update rich assembly cases and programming on Wiki and online forum in real time, where can contact with robot enthusiast and technological bigwig around the world with zero-distance. Not only learning robot knowledge, but also making study process more interesting.

Graphical and Arduino Programming Compatibility - Control your robot just through drag & drop graphical programming, transcode the Language C of Arduino only by one button, seamless handover between graphical and text code.

4DOF Robot Arm - A robot arm that has 3 axis and a robot gripper.

Robot Arm Tank - A tank moving base robot with robot arm.

Ball Launcher - A robot can moving and shoot ping-pong size ball.

Self-balancing Robot - A robot that can drive by 2 wheels.

Forklift Robot -  A forklift robot car that can moving objectives.

Bartender Robot - A robot that can moving very steady and pour a bottle of drinks.

Camera Dolly Robot - A camera dolly that moving very steady.

Walking Robot - A robot that can simulate people walking forward and backward.

Rolling Tank - A triangle robot that can moving on uneven surface.

Spider Robot - A robot with 4 legs, moving like a spider.

Detection Robot - A moving base robot with tracks. Can do line-following and obstacle avoidance.

3-wheel Robot - A flexible robot that can run very fast.


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