Power HD Mini Servo HD-1160A

Power HD Mini Servo HD-1160A


The HD-1160A is an inexpensive, general-purpose miniature analog servo from Power HD. Servo horns and associated hardware are included.

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The HD-1160A is one of our most popular miniature servos. It is an inexpensive, general-purpose actuator for small mechanisms that require a bit more torque than you can get out of micro and sub-micro servos. The lead is terminated with a standard “JR”-style connector, which is Futaba-compatible. Mounting screws and an assortment of servo horns is included with this servo. The picture below shows an example of this included hardware (hardware might vary).

Key specs at 6 V: 0.11 sec/60°, 37 oz-in (2.7 kg-cm), 17 g.

Note that, as with most hobby servos, stalling or back-driving this servo can strip its gears.


  • Torque(4.8V): 2.7 kg-cm (37.5 oz/in)
  • Torque(6.0V): 3.0 kg-cm (41.7 oz/in)
  • Speed: 0.14 sec (4.8V) │ 0.12 sec (6.0V)
  • Operating Voltage:4.8 ~ 6.0 DC Volts
  • Weight: 16.0 g (0.56 oz)
  • Bearing Type:no
  • Motor Type:DC Motor
  • Gear Type:Plastic Operating
  • Temperature:-20℃~60℃
  • Working frequence:1520μs / 50hz
  • Size:28.0 x 13.2 x 30.2 mm ( 1.10 x 0.52 x 1.19 in)

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