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Servo Switch Harness 18"
  • Servo Switch Harness 18"
Servo Switch Harness 18"

Servo Switch Harness 18"

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This 18" (45 cm) harness has an inline on/off switch, with a 0.1" 3-pin female connector on one end and both a male and a female connector on the other.

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This 3-wire harness can be used to add a toggle switch between any two devices that can be connected with “JR” style servo connectors. One side of the switch has a lead with a female connector, while the other side has two leads, one male and one female.

A typical use for the harness in the RC hobby industry is to hook up a receiver battery to the male connector; the switch then controls whether current flows to the rest of the circuit through the female connector on the opposite side, while the female connector on the same side can be used to charge the battery without disconnecting it from the circuit.

Note that the RC hobby industry often reverses the convention of “male” and “female” servo connectors.