My First Experiment Kit - Natural Laws

My First Experiment Kit - Natural Laws

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Why do soap bubbles shimmer? Why do boats float? With the help of the instructions in pictures, children from 5 years of age discover fascinating experiments step by step - even without reading skills! Is, This is fun and, by the way, is the optimal preparation for starting school. Whether our nature is being explored, first chemical experiments are being tried out or simple physical laws are being understood with air, water or light - the main thing is that the experiment is exciting! My first experiment kit is experiment variety for little curious researchers who want to understand a little more about our world every day. With its extensive equipment, the experiment set of Natural Laws arouses children's curiosity.

Content:Spinning top, obelisk sundial, plasticine, hovercraft, cress seeds, petri dish, flower pot, pipette, handicraft sheets, balloons, and much more. as well as a colored illustrated manual. p>


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