Raspberry Pi RS232 Board

Raspberry Pi RS232 Board


Raspberry Pi RS232 Board v1.0 is a standard communication port for industry equipment. This module is base on MAX3232,which is a dual driver/receiver that includes a capacitive voltage generator to supply TIA/EIA-232-F voltage levels from a single 5-V supply.

The shield integrates DB9 connectors (female) that provide connection to various devices with RS232 interface.

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lso the RS232 headers will facilitate your connections and commissioning. It provides the welding areas to make full use of extra space on it, which is highly convenient for prototyping.


  • Low Supply Current:300uA
  • Guaranteed Data Rate:120kbps
  • Meets EIA/TIA-232 Specifications Down to 3.0V
  • Pin Compatible with Industry-Standard MAX232
  • Guaranteed Slew Rate:6V/us
  • LED Indicator
  • DB9 Connectors(female)
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi A+,B,B+/2.


  • Compatible: Raspberry Pi ; Other main board via jumpers;
  • Power interface: Micro USB;
  • Dimensions: 91.20 * 56.15mm
  • Power supply: 3.3v , 5V
  • Weight: 49g

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