Max:bot DIY Programmable Robot Kit for Kids

Max:bot DIY Programmable Robot Kit for Kids


Max:Bot is an entry-level DIY robot based on a micro:bit board.

It is targeted for 8+ years old kids to learn about robotics.

10+ electronic modules, including motors, speakers, line trackers, distance sensors, gesture sensor, etc.

Extendable with 50+ DFRobot Boson modules.

In Stock

Shipping List:

  • micro:bit x1
  • Max:Bot Mainframe x1
  • Max:Bot Top Cover x1
  • Max:Bot Expansion Board x1
  • DC Motor x2
  • Wheel x2
  • Front Supporting Wheel x1
  • Micro USB Cable x1
  • Speaker x1
  • Collision sensor x2
  • 3-Way Line Tracker x1
  • Line Tracking Map x1
  • Ultrasonic Distance Sensor x1
  • Battery Case (AA x 4) x1
  • RGB Light Strip x2
  • Double Sided Tape x1
  • Cable (Short) x4
  • Cable (Long) x4
  • 2-Way Screw Driver x1
  • Hex Key x1
  • Brass Stand (short) x4
  • Brass Stand (long) x2
  • M3 Screws x25

Note: The MicroUSB port is reserved for charging lithium battery. However, lithium battery is not included in the package due to the shipping policy. Please contact tech-support for more information.


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