Pololu 38 kHz IR Proximity Sensor, Fixed Gain, Low Brightness

Pololu 38 kHz IR Proximity Sensor, Fixed Gain, Low Brightness


This module features a fixed-gain, 38 kHz modulated IR sensor and a corresponding IR LED with oscillator circuit to make a tiny proximity sensor. This low-brightness version draws an average of 8 mA at 5 V and has a typical sensing range up to approximately 12 inches (30 cm).

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These sensor modules are based on Vishay’s TSSP77038 modulated infrared receivers. Unlike most IR receiver modules designed for remote control of appliances like televisions, the TSSP77038 has a fixed gain (sensitivity) that makes the sensor more predictable when used in proximity or reflectance sensors. The Pololu carrier module combines the TSSP77038 with an IR LED driven by a 555 timer-based circuit to make a complete sensor module that requires only a 3.3 V to 5 V power connection. An enable input allows control of whether or not the IR LED is on, and a digital output indicates whether or not an object is detected.

The actual performance depends on many factors, including object size, reflectivity, and ambient lighting conditions.


Size: 0.4″ × 0.6″ × 0.2″
Weight: 0.6 g

General specifications

Maximum range: 12 in
Sampling rate: 1 kHz
Average input current: 8 mA

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