Easy Elektro-Coding (with Arduino and Scratch)

Easy Elektro-Coding (with Arduino and Scratch)


Program Arduino with Scratch.

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  • Learning to program made easy: Thanks to the combination of Easy Klick components and the children's programming language Scratch, this set offers the ideal introduction to computer science for children aged 8 to 12. li>
  • Simply connect your own Arduino circuits to the PC and get started. The instructions show how to do it step by step. li>
  • Highlight: Children program their first own computer game! Who can manage the bat with the light sensor in batroom tennis and avoid the tennis balls? li>
  • This set can be combined with all KOSMOS experiment kits from the "Easy Elektro" series.

TV, smartphone, remote control: microcontrollers are found in countless devices. Children from 8 to 12 years experience how these computer systems work with the help of this KOSMOS experiment kit. With the well-known, visual children's programming language Scratch and the practical Easy Click components, you can start programming the Arduino straight away.

Creative solutions for projects such as light pushbuttons or night lights are found and even your own PC game can be programmed. Simply connect the microcontroller to the computer, follow the precise instructions, insert the components according to numbers and you are off to the fascinating world of one-chip computer systems! Learning to program is fun!

Content:Base plate, battery compartment, contact elements, LEDs, Arduino, brightness sensor, resistor, switch

You also need: 1 x 9 volt block type 6LR61 (1604D)


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