FEZ Cerberus Mainboard
  • FEZ Cerberus Mainboard
  • FEZ Cerberus Mainboard
  • FEZ Cerberus Mainboard
  • FEZ Cerberus Mainboard
FEZ Cerberus Mainboard

FEZ Cerberus Mainboard

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FEZ Cerberus Mainboard is a 100% open source hardware .NET Gadgeteer-compatible mainboard with 168Mhz 32bit Cortex M4 processor with floating point, 1MB FLASH and 192KB RAM. This tiny mainboard has plenty of peripherals exposed on 8 sockets. A perfect match for robotics, quadcopters and cloud-sensor-monitoring. The 112KBytes of heap memory offers plenty of memory needed for about any network or internet connected application.

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Key Features:

  • 8 .NET Gadgeteer compatible sockets that include these types: X, Y, A, C, D, F, H, I, K, O, P, S, U and Z.
  • Configurable on-board LED.
  • Software/Hardware features includes but not limited to:
  1. .NET Micro Framework 4.2 (supporting C# and Visual Basic)
  2. 168Mhz 32bit processor with floating point
  3. 1MB FLASH, over 300K for user's code
  4. 192KB RAM, 112KB for user's heap
  5. Full TCP/IP Stack with HTTP, TCP, UDP, DHCP
  6. Ethernet support with Ethernet ENC28 module.
  7. USB host
  8. USB Device
  9. SPI
  10. I2C
  11. 2 UART
  12. CAN
  13. 9 Analog Inputs.
  14. 2 Analog Output
  15. 4-bit SD/MMC Memory card interface
  16. 6 PWM
  17. OneWire interface
  18. Built-in Real Time Clock (Needs 32Khz crystal)
  19. RLPLite allowing users to load native code (C/Assembly) for real-time requirements.
  20. FAT File System
  • Dimensions: W 2.25" x L 1.85"


  • Requires .NET Gadgeteer standard red power modules.
  • Active power consumption TBA
  • Idle power consumption TBA


  • Operating temperature: -20 to 70°C
  • RoHS compliant /Lead-free compliant