Technology Workshop (fischertechnik)

Technology Workshop (fischertechnik)


The starter set with fischertechnik

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  • Crane and Co. get to the bottom of physical issues.
  • Physics in everyday life - packed in an exciting way: the experiment kit conveys the first basics of gears, mechanics, force and speed, levers and momentum, inclined planes and energy storage.
  • Simply assemble the fischertechnik components such as base plates, frame parts, rods, gears and wheels - just the thing for technology-loving children from 8 to 14 years of age.
  • The booklet offers age-appropriate and detailed assembly instructions for each model, as well as extensive background knowledge on technology and physical phenomena.
  • A KOSMOS experiment kit for the perfect introduction to the MINT science of physics. li>

How do elevators work? What was it like on construction sites before cranes existed? What happens during astronaut training? Which forces are at work when flying? Children from 8 to 14 years of age build twenty well thought-out models with which they get to the bottom of everyday physical phenomena in numerous experiments. Terms such as gears, mechanics, speed and energy storage are soon no longer foreign words.

Whether it's a rocket car, catapult, etc., the instructions explain in detail how the models are correctly assembled from the extensive experimental material made from fischer-technik components with base plates, frame parts, rods, gears and wheels.

In addition, the instructions in the technology workshop provide exciting background knowledge about the most important basics of the MINT science of physics.


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