Adafruit MENTA - Mint Tin Arduino Compatible Kit with Mint Tin

Adafruit MENTA - Mint Tin Arduino Compatible Kit with Mint Tin


ntroducing the MENTA, a portable minty Arduino-compatible project that fits into a common mint tin.

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Basically it's a super popular Boarduino series wrapped it with a prototyping area into a rounded PCB that slots directly into an Altoids-sized metal tin.

  • Everything is included to jump-start your project:
  • DC power adapter jack with polarity protection
  • Beefy 1 Amp 5V regulator and 250mA 3.3V regulator for 3.3V devices
  • Green power LED, red blinky LED on pin 13
  • ISP-6 standard reprogramming header
  • FTDI interface plug to connect an FTDI Friend or FTDI Cable
  • Female header set so you can plug standard Arduino-compatible shields in.
  • There's four mounting holes if you want to attach it permanently to a box or plate
  • Massive prototyping area so you can have the finished project all fit together in a protective box.
  • Four rubber bumpers to protect your table from scratching, and the PCB and parts from the metal tin.
  • Comes as a kit of parts, this is an excellent beginner project, with step-by-step instructions even for someone who has never soldered before.

You'll also need an FTDI adapter or FTDI Cable to program it via the Arduino IDE.


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