List of products by brand Tamiya



  • CHF9.24

    Use the pair of tires in the Tamiya 70145 narrow tire set for small and medium-sized robots that must make precise movements. With a 58 mm These wheels are compatible with all Tamiya gearbox kits.

  • CHF6.45

    The Tamiya 70155 3mm Push Rivet Set consists of 48 rivets, which can be used as fastening devices and joints for designing your own robot. The 3 mm diameter rivets are a great complement to many Tamiya products and sets.

  • CHF5.52

    The Tamiya 70164 Universal Metal Joint Parts (4pcs) enable you to easily connect Tamiya products or other mechanical parts to your robot or other project.

  • CHF3.22 CHF4.60 -30%

    The Tamiya 9801112M Mabuchi FA-130 motor is the brushed DC motor included in many of the Tamiya gearboxes and educational toys.