Stability Conversion Kit for Balboa

Stability Conversion Kit for Balboa


With this accessory kit, you can convert your balancing Balboa chassis into a traditional differential-drive platform with a low-friction ball caster providing a stabilizing third point of contact.

The parts for this kit are already included in the Balboa Chassis with Stability Conversion Kit.

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The included ball caster pieces are held in place by a removable retention clip, and the whole assembly conveniently snaps onto the front/top edge of the Balboa chassis. This kit is also useful in balancing applications, where the ball caster can be left off and the extension piece can be used to make the Balboa taller and give it more mounting points.

The Stability Conversion Kit for Balboa consists of a chassis segment that clips onto the end of the Balboa chassis to extend it, a 1″-diameter plastic ball, three plastic rollers, and a ball caster retention clip that holds the ball and rollers in place.

With the ball caster included, this piece can be used to provide the Balboa chassis with a smooth third point of contact for traditional differential-drive applications. For balancing applications, this accessory can be used without the ball caster to make the chassis taller and to provide additional mounting points where you can attach things like sensors or the bumper cage kit.


Size: 82 × 67 × 39 mm
Weight: 33 g

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