Tamiya 70155 3mm Push Rivet Set

Tamiya 70155 3mm Push Rivet Set


The Tamiya 70155 3mm Push Rivet Set consists of 48 rivets, which can be used as fastening devices and joints for designing your own robot. The 3 mm diameter rivets are a great complement to many Tamiya products and sets.

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The Tamiya 70155 3 mm Push Rivet Set includes 48 push rivets (3 x 10 mm). Each reusable rivet consists of a push pin that gets inserted into a stopper that is compatible with the 3 mm hole size on multiple Tamiya products. The rivets are easily added or removed and can connect parts or be used as joints as illustrated in the instructions shown here.

Compatible Tamiya Products:

  • Tamiya 70098 Universal Plate Set
  • Tamiya 70157 Universal Plate Set (2pcs.)
  • Tamiya 70172 Universal Plate L (210 x 160 mm)

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