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Pololu Romi Kit


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  • CHF20.38

    Use this motor driver and power distribution board to get your Romi chassis running quickly.

    It offers all of the same features as the smaller Power Distribution board for Romi Chassis — battery contact slots, reverse voltage protection, several power switching options, and easy access to the various power busses — and adds a two-channel motor driver and powerful switching step-down regulator that can supply a continuous 2.5 A at 5 V or 3.3 V. Just add a microcontroller and sensors to complete your Romi robot.

  • CHF9.24

    This power distribution board is designed specifically for the Romi chassis as a convenient way to access the chassis’s battery power and pass that on the rest of the electronics that make up your robot. It has slots for soldering directly to the chassis’s battery contacts offers reverse voltage protection, several power switching options, and easy access to the various power busses. Just add your own motor drivers, microcontroller, and sensors to complete your Romi robot.

  • CHF32.45

    The versatile Romi chassis is a great starting point for your next mobile robot. This kit includes all the basic mechanical parts to get up and running, including two motors, two wheels, one ball caster, and battery contacts.

  • CHF83.52

    Empower your Romi robot to manipulate its surroundings with this robotic arm accessory kit! The kit contains everything you need to build the arm, including a micro gripper and three servos—one for controlling the height of the arm, one for controlling the tilt of the gripper, and one for actuating the gripper paddles themselves. All three servos are specially modified to provide access to their feedback potentiometers, enabling higher-level closed-loop control of all three joints.

  • CHF12.77

    This replacement gearmotor for the Romi/TI-RSLK MAX has an encoder already installed. The assembly is ready to plug into corresponding headers on our various Romi electronics modules, including the Romi 32U4 control board and the Romi Motor Driver and Power Distribution Board. Two of these are included with the Pololu Chassis Kit for TI-RSLK MAX.

  • CHF51.02

    The Romi 32U4 Control Board turns the Romi chassis into a programmable robot based on the Arduino-compatible ATmega32U4 MCU. Its features include integrated dual motor drivers, a versatile power circuit, and inertial sensors, as well as connections for quadrature encoders and an optional LCD. The board also has the ability to interface with an added Raspberry Pi, making the foundation for a complete Raspberry Pi-controlled Romi robot.