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  • CHF13.88

    micro: IO-BOX is a micro:bit multifunctional expansion board with on-board Li-ion battery power, delicate appearance and easy to use.

    Numerous integrated functions on the 6cm×6cm board such as 2-way driver motor, 9-way IO port, 2-way I2C port, 1-way serial port, 1-way buzzer, 4-way RGB LED, Li-ion battery box, charge circuit, emergency power interface, etc.

    Note: micro:bit board not included!

  • CHF15.74

    Micro: breadboard is a micro:bit-based expansion board specially designed for STEM-starter. It comes with a 3.23*2.17” breadboard (independent packing, you need to stick them together), on which you can directly build circuit with all sorts of electronic components.

    This micro: breadboard is especially suitable for building and debugging circuits. It also can be applied to the micro:bit-based applications like, light control lamp, smart doorbell, temperature alarm, etc.

    Note: micro:bit not included!

  • CHF6.45

    A simple IO extension board for micro:bit. This board leads out all IO ports of micro:bit that are in accordance with Gravity standard interface. Meanwhile, it has independent I2C and Serial port. The board also integrates the frequently-used buzzer and edge connector contacts.

    The silkscreens on the back clearly indicate the functions of all interfaces, which can help users to get started easily.

    Note: micro:bit not included!

  • CHF41.74

    This micro: IoT board is pretty cute and delicate, on which we integrated Wi-Fi, OLED, 2-way motor drive, 6-way IO port, 2-way IIC, 1-way serial port, 1-way buzzer, 3-way RGB, 2-way servo, Li-ion battery holder, charging circuit, emergency power interface, etc.

    So many resources for you to program! Even without complicated background knowledge, you can build your IoT applications in few steps!

    Note: micro:bit board not included!

  • CHF20.38

    GamePad for micro:bit V3.0 is a micro:bit gamepad with a joystick. It adopts a high-precision three-axis analog amount joystick. The combination of joystick and gamepad allows you to control Maqueen's direction and speed at the same time. Moreover, there are 7 programmable buttons, which means you can explore more interesting functions and more flexible controls.

    In the latest V3.0 product, we have put the external battery box to onboard PCB, which is more convenient to use.

    Note: Micro:bit board not included!