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  • CHF74.23

    micro:bit is a pocket-sized microcontroller designed for kids and beginners to learn coding and electronics, letting them easily bring ideas into DIY digital games, interactive projects and robotics.

    To explore even more possibilities with micro:bit, this kit proposes DFRobot’s Boson modules, a set of modularized electronic blocks, suitable for every child to start their hands-on journeys of creation.

    Boson Kit has been awarded Five Stars in the 2018 Teach Primary Resource Awards.

    Note: micro:bit is NOT included in the kit. You will need to purchase separately

  • CHF139.23

    SwissQuantumPi - Quantum Simulator

  • CHF73.35

    Funny chain reactions for young designers:

    • 3 Models
    • 385 Components
    • from 7 Years
  • CHF92.80

    WeeeBot mini has a cool Jeep look, real car lighting effects, lovely expression creativity, and a versatile mix-and-match structure compatible with Lego components.

  • CHF11.61

    Radiant 3D Creations

  • CHF115.97

    Having fun building & understanding technology

  • CHF278.46

    DFRobot Boson Kit is a set of coding-free electronic building blocks for young inventors, STEM educators and tinkerers.

    The Boson kit breaks down complicated circuits into simple, functional modules that are easy to understand. The kit requires no coding or soldering and is ideal as a STEM classroom teaching tool.

    Boson modules have built-in magnets and can be used with screws, Velcro and even LEGO! Boson modules can be fixed on a wide variety of materials such as paper, wood, fabric, whiteboards or your own LEGO creations!

  • CHF139.18

    Max:Bot is an entry-level DIY robot based on a micro:bit board.

    It is targeted for 8+ years old kids to learn about robotics.

    10+ electronic modules, including motors, speakers, line trackers, distance sensors, gesture sensor, etc.

    Extendable with 50+ DFRobot Boson modules.

  • CHF46.38

    Make a friendly weather station to sit on your windowsill, that keeps track of temperature, pressure, humidity, light and colour, and sound. A perfect way to introduce kids to sensors and science.

  • CHF54.78

    Cool pneumatic models for beginners:

    • 5 Models
    • 200 Components
    • from 8 Years
  • CHF86.26

    Program Arduino with Scratch.

  • CHF69.55

    WeeeBot Play is a cute yellow robot, it provides screenless gaming programming experience to children 3+.